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At Hongxiang, we believe that client success is the most important. Over the course of our development, we have worked with a diverse range of client companies both large and small. We understand that client success depends on selecting the right diamond tools, which is why we offer both standard and customized tools to fit customer needs. A successful client must be well-informed. The more they understand about what we can do for them, the easier and better our partnership will be on all involved. On our web site, customers will find a collection of information about nearly anything customers need to know about diamond tools, diamond drilling, cutting, grinding and polishing. With over 20 years of operation, we are focused on the long term success of our customers and take pride in helping them grow and prosper.

Customer Need Product Research and Development Test and Inspection Trial Run

Our customers vary from small business start-ups to internationally known companies. No matter what size your company is, Hongxiang is ready to deliver the finest product quality and the most effective customer service. Based on the type of materials your diamond tools will be processing, we will customize our services to meet your cutting, polishing, grinding and buffing needs through each step, from initial product research and development, to testing, then trial use. Once customers are satisfied with the trial run, they are to contact us, and we will then start mass production of the needed diamond bits, grinding wheels and abrasive grits. If any problems arise during the use of any of our products, please contact our R&D team, sales representatives or customer service staff to solve the issue.

Temporary Solutions Technical Support from Technicians
Gathering Related Information
Customer Feedback on Quality Problems
Holding Technical Seminars Long-Term Solutions Number Existing Product Improvement
New Product Development

Achieving 100% customer satisfaction starts with understanding their needs. Any suggestions or requirements from our clients are taken seriously. Because of that, we take several different approaches to allow customer feedback from customers about how they feel about our products during use, as well as any problems that arise during day to day operations. Customers come to us, knowing they will find excellent diamond tooling solutions.

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