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Quality Guarantee

At Hongxiang, we require our employees to fully participate in quality management and continuous improvement activities. Each step, from the initial research and development, to products, and final delivery, are controlled to ensure the finished synthetic diamond or diamond tool meets customer requirements. By doing so, our defect rate is extremely low at 0.5%.

1. Imported Equipment, Guaranteed Quality
Most of our manufacturing equipment comes from the United States, Japan, Sweden and Taiwan. We test each set of equipment before each time they are used. Advanced machinery and an expert project team ensures the popularity of our products on overseas markets.

2. Incoming Raw Material Inspection
We check the quality of all raw materials before they enter the factory. All raw stock used to make the industrial diamonds are purchased from trusted suppliers, and tested in terms of composition and related standards that they should meet. Each batch of materials should be presented with an inspection certificate.

3. Regular Equipment Maintenance and Calibration
We create a maintenance checklist for all tasks that need to be carried out on the manufacturing equipment and measuring instruments. This ensures that all equipment is well maintained and calibrated regularly to make sure its precision meets related requirements, prevent loose tolerance from faulty equipment and reduce unexpected machine downtime that leads to a delay in production.

4. Process Standardization
During the initial prototype phase of each order, staff from the Department of Engineering will establish a standard project guide. Specialized personnel supervise the entire production flow in order to bridge the gap between different stages. When problems do occur, the project guide will either be updated or replaced in accordance with the issue. Each step of production is standardized and carried out in order to minimize the defects in the diamond girts, diamond drill bits and saw blades that arise from manufacturing faults.

5. Real Time, On Site Inspection
Several on site inspectors patrol the work site and check quality at key points of the process. If problems are found, inspectors will give feedback to the workers then and there in order for the production department to make adjustments and improvements.

6. Combination of Spot Check and Full Inspection
For high value products, we carry out a complete inspection of every item. We also set a sampling ratio and conduct spot checks with our lab staff. In both cases, necessary actions will be taken to ensure both in-process work pieces and finished products meet industry standards. If quality problems are found, we will seek the cause and rework defective parts to prevent them from entering the next process.

7. Final Inspection Before Delivery
This is the final step of production before the products are delivered to customers. A comprehensive check is carried out on the products, in regards to product function, appearance, quantity and packaging. Upon customer request, we can add other inspection tasks required to make sure the order is completed with expected quality.

8. Continuous Improvement, Total Quality Management
We understand that each process has to be carried out in complement to the prior processes. Because of this, we maintain full traceability in each process, inspection ask, product batch and customer communication in order to keep our employees aware of the importance of product quality. At Honxiang, we are always striving to improve process quality in an attempt to produce defect free products.