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Synthetic Diamond Grit

Synthetic Diamond Grit
Synthetic Diamond Grit

RVD synthetic diamond grit is made from selected, large mono-crystalline diamonds through as a series of processes including crushing, sieving, washing, automatic separation, drying, etc.

Process Flow Diagram
Process Flow Diagram

1. Crushing: Large diamond crystals are crushed into small, irregular sizes.
2. Re-crushing: Irregular diamond particles are re-crushed for shape improvement.
3. Sieving: Abrasive grits are sized by sieving and separated into groups of various sizes.
4. Washing: Impurities are removed from the fine diamond grits.
5. Drying: Wet abrasive grits are dried.

RVD man-made diamond abrasives are yellow in color. Most crystals have an irregular shape with a rough surface, rendering them sharp and wear resistant. RVD synthetic diamond grits are excellentindustrial abrasives for grinding brittle material like stone, hard allow, glass and ceramic.

Diamond Abrasive Uses
Major uses for diamond abrasives include resin-bond wheels, ceramic grinding wheels, lapping pastes and electrodes.

Technical Specs
Synthetic Diamond
International Standards Chinese Standards Mesh Size
D602 30/40 30#
D426 40/50 40#
D356 45/50 45#
D301 50/60 50#
D251 60/70 60#
D213 70/80 70#
D180 80/100 80#
D151 100/120 100#
D126 120/140 120#
D107 140/170 140#
D91 170/200 170#
D76 200/230 200#
D64 230/270 230#
D54 270/325 270#
D46 325/400 325#

400/500 400#

500/600 500#
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